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45th Anniversary
March 4, 1974 – March 4, 2019

Ahn’s Fitness Center celebrates its 45th Anniversary on March 4, 2019. The origin of Ahn’s fitness center is historical, interesting and inspiring. Grandmaster Eung Choon Ahn is to be commended and respected for his determination in making his life long dream to open a martial arts school a reality.

E. C. Ahn was among the group of master instructors selected by General Choi Hong Hi to spread tae kwon do throughout the world. He was allowed to immigrate to the United Sates due to his credentials as a tae kwon do instructor. In 1973, he came to the United States where he traveled from Los Angeles to Chicago with aspirations of opening a tae kwon do studio. Not long after arriving, however, he discovered Chicago already had numerous karate schools. Taking a friend’s advice, he moved south where martial arts had not yet made an impact.

Looking at the United States map, he chose a city located in the middle of the state of Georgia with access to a major interstate. Fortunately for Middle Georgia, that city was Macon. He opened his first martial arts school on Second Street, March 4, 1974 as Ahn & Song. His first students were high school senior, Steve Sapp and his two brothers. In 1976, Grand Master Ahn relocated his school to Pio Nono Avenue where it was renamed Macon Karate Academy. Two years later he moved to a location on Eisenhower Parkway. In 1982, his operation moved to its present location on Vineville Avenue where he renamed the school, Ahn’s Fitness Center.

Since opening on Vineville, Grandmaster Ahn earned numerous distinctions and awards. In 1981, Bibb County Sheriff, Ray Wilkes, bestowed Grandmaster with rank of Honorary Deputy Sheriff. In 1985, he formed the Hae San Martial Arts Association with its national headquarters in Macon. He received the pinnacle rank in tae kwon do of 9th degree black belt in 1993. Nineteen ninety- seven afforded him several recognitions. He completed a goal of running 25, 000 miles, equivalent to the circumference of the earth and the city of Macon honored him by declaring a designated Tae Kwon Do Day. In 1999, Grandmaster Ahn’s first student, Steve Sapp, became the first American born and trained 8th degree Master black belt in Georgia. Grandmaster Ahn has since trained many male masters. Two thousand three marked his 50th year of continuous training and service to tae kwon do. He now celebrates the 45th Anniversary of Ahn’s Fitness Center, March 4, 2019.

Because of his life long dream, numerous generations of families and individuals have been positively impacted over the past thirty years. Thank you Grandmaster Ahn for unselfishly sharing you wisdom, knowledge, and expertise hundreds of former and current students.

Congratulations on 45 Years of Well Deserved Success!

In loving memory of
Master Greg Deep
February 17th, 1962 – August 9th, 2005